The Fabulous Uber Boys

Most of the time when I am out uberring and get a ride, it is just one or 2 people.  On occasion, I will get rides with 3 or 4 people, but that is not really the norm.  Now, I have a Subaru Impreza, which can seat up to 4 passengers pretty comfortably.  Any more than that and someone is going to have to find another ride or they are going to have to sit on laps (do not try that at home).

One of the first times that I had large group of people was when I was on the Southside of Bethlehem and got a request to pick someone up at Molly’s Irish Grillle.  I pull up to the corner and I see a group 5 college kids waiting (4 guys and 1 girl).  At first they all try and get into the car.  I apologize and let them know that my car can really only fit 4 people – Ruh Roh.  They all start looking around at each other and I half expected them to start playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would have to get another ride.

In the end they pick the guy who was there with his girlfriend.  I am thinking to myself, wow, chivalry really is dead.  As we’re driving, the guys start talking and it turns out, this was supposed to be boys night out, and the 3 that got into the car were not thrilled that the 4th guy brought his girlfriend.  To this day, I wonder if they did this on purpose so they could ditch the guy or if they really did meet up with them someplace later.

Another time when I picked up a bunch of guys who were going out for a boys night, it was much different.  These were 4 guys who were heading out to Bethlehem for what they called; preparation for an all day baby shower the next day.  One of the guys (and his wife) were expecting their first child and this was like his Last Hurrah!

On the way there, one of the guys wonders if “Sam” (name changed to protect the innocent) the bartender was working.  They start talking about other times they had been there when “Sam” was working.  The guy who is having a baby any day, starts reminiscing about the time “Sam” kicked open the door to the bathroom stall while he was in there have sex with someone.  And then he wonders, if “Sam” realizes that the girl ended up being his wife.   At this point I am thinking, “Could that have been the night his child was conceived?”  They start to talk about it a little more, but at this point, we arrive – CRAP!!  Now we will never know if that was “the” night.

All in all, my experiences driving for groups like this has been petty good.  They were mostly well behaved and very nice gentlemen, at least to me.  Although, I would recommend, that if you do plan a “Fabulous Uber Boys” night out, that you either not bring your significant other or at least run it by the other boys before you show up.

As always, Photography by Suzanne Drake Photography




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