Where in the World is Uber San Diego

I think I have mentioned this before, as a driver, when you get a ride, you don’t know where you are going until you pick up a ride.  Then, once they get in the car, you can hit the navigation link and it takes you right to the GPS App on you phone.  I am pretty familiar with the Lehigh Valley, but there is NO WAY, I could drive for Uber if it was not for the GPS option.  Now, that is not to say, the GPS does not have it own issues.

For the most part the GPS has not “steered” me wrong when it came time to drop someone off.   Although, not quite as accurate when picking someone up.  The way it works, is when someone request an Uber, they can either plug in the actual address or, the can select to use their current location.  Then when the Uber driver gets “pinged”, they hit the navigation link (GPS) and it tells there where to go.  That’s when the fun can start.

If someone plugs in the actual address, then it usually works no problem.  When they choose their current location, the GPS can get a little funky.  For example, one time, it told me to pick the person up at 1022 – 1066 Main St.  Way to narrow it down. Its kind of like when the cable company tells you they will be there between 8am and 4pm.   You give a big range so there is less of a chance for error.

There have also been several times, when I got to the address to pick someone up, and the GPS would tell me to pick the person up in the alley behind there house.  Reason this happens is the person requesting the ride was standing in the kitchen or some other room that was towards the back of the house, so the GPS sends you to the closest road to where they were when they requested a ride. Took me about 3 or 4 rides like this before I realized what was going on.  Now, when this happens, I make it a point to stop near the front of the house and then contact the rider to see where they needed to get picked up.

Then there are issues like yesterday when I was driving home from work.  I decided to turn the app on to see if I can get a ride on the way back..  I get pinged and I made the mistake of just accepting it, without really looking at the address.  I hit the navigation link and was on my way following the turn by turn instructions of my handy dandy GPS.  It was not until I was about 2 mins away that I realized the GPS was telling me to pick the person up ON the highway.  At first I thought, OK maybe the person broke down and needed a ride, but as I approached the pick-up location, there are no cars parked on the side of the road.  Turns out the person was in an office building where certain parts of the building were close to the highway.  Apparently the person was in the part of the building close to the highway when the requested the ride.

So the moral of this story is: If you request an Uber and choose “your current location”, if the driver is late, instead of wondering Where in the World is Uber San Diego, just think to yourself, where you were when you requested the ride.

Thanks – Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.




Uber Side Story – Part II, Maria’s tale

This story, is a continuation of my last post – Uber Side Story, where I picked up “Tony” who unexpectedly shares a ride with “Maria”.  When we last left these 2 crazy kids, we got to hear Tony’s side and how we just dropped him so that he could buy the bong he always wanted for his birthday, which I am sure he has gotten plenty of use out of since. We now pick up with Maria’s story, that, while it might not be as colorful as Tony’s, I feel that it no less interesting.

For those who did not read part one of Uber Side Story, let me give a brief recap of how we got here.  Basically, Tony had requested an Uber and was walking out of work at the same time that Maria was leaving.  These 2 had never talked to each other before, but to help Maria out so she would not have to wait for a bus, Tony offers to share the Uber.  What a nice guy.  The conversation mostly revolves around Tony while he is in the car.  Although, we do find out that Maria, like Tony, had recently moved to the area, but that was about it – Oh and that she does not know of any good gay bars in the area nor smokes pot.

After we drop Tony off, we talk a little about pot smoking and about not having much of a social life now that we have kids.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, Maria is a single mother of 3 – ages ranging from 8 – 15.  She says, that she moved here to get away from her ex and live with her mother.  She proceeds to tell me about her 3 kids.  The youngest, a girl, has been pretty easy so far.  She stays out of trouble and does pretty good in school.

The middle child, is a boy.  He too stays out of trouble, but not so great at school.  Apparently the kid is really into sports.  Loves basketball and baseball and is pretty good at them, just doesn’t spend the time on school work.  I let her know that I was pretty much the same way when I was a kid and I did what I needed to to get by.  It wasn’t until I got to High School, where I started hanging out with a bunch of guys that not only had the same passion for sports,  but were also pretty good in school that things started to change.  Hanging out with them made me realize that I could still enjoy sports, but also do well in school.

Then we come to her oldest, who had been doing good in school, until they moved.  She said that at first she was happy because her oldest was able to make friends early on. Problem was, these were not the greatest kids.  Her daughter had been cutting school and even got caught drinking a few times.  Maria is now focused on trying to save up some money so that she can move to Georgia.   I asked if she had family or friends down there and she said no, but that she had visited there a few times and really liked it. She thought it would be a good place to start over again and that she needs to do this to make things better for her kids.

I drop her off and she says it was nice to be able to talk to someone and thanks me for the conversation.  I thank her and wish her the best of luck.  At this point, it was getting late in the night and I just turn the app off and head home.

On the way home, I start thinking about my daughters and even how it was when I was growing up.  While family has a big influence on how we turn out, our friends also have an impact on us.  It really made me appreciate not only the friends that my daughters have made but also the ones that I made while I was growing up. To all my friends and family – I thank you.

As for Tony and Maria, I wish her the best with her and her children and that they can find what they are looking for in Georgia.  As for Tony, I hope that he continues to be the nice guy that shares an Uber for those in need and wish him a life time of “highs” with his new bong.

And with that, I will end this Uber Side Story.

Photos by Suzanne Drake Photography


Uber Side Story

There have been plenty of times when I have gotten a request for a ride and it is for more than one passenger.  See The Fabulous Uber Boys, the story of boys night out for some examples.  But usually, all of these people know each other.  They were all out and about together and decided to share a ride.  Although, one time, this was not the case.

So, my Uber day, started like most.  I was out running errands and decided to turn the app on to see if I can get any rides.  After the initial ride or 2, I get a request to pick someone up at an assisted living facility.  I see this guy walking towards the car but then right when he was about to get in the car, I see him stop and he starts talking to this woman who was leaving at the same time.  After a short discussion, he opens the car and asks if I would mind giving the woman a ride too.  Thinking they are going to the same place, I said, “Sure, why not”.

Well they both get in the car and it turns out these people don’t even know each other.  While they both work at the same place and have seen each other around, they have never talked to each other before.  Oh, and they are not even going to the same place.  They ask me if this was OK and I am thinking to myself, I have no idea.  But seeing that I am always up for a new adventure, I agree and we are on are merry way.

So as I start to drive and we discuss how this is going to work.  We all agree that since the man, let’s call him Tony, had initially booked the ride, that we would just use his account to make things easier.  We then plugged in the woman’s destination, let’s call her Maria,  (Why Tony and Maria – well I just saw my daughters’ HS production of West Side Story and these were the first 2 name that popped in my head – excellent show by the way) but that I would drop off Tony first.  We figured out that the total cost would be roughly $10 more for me to drop Maria off, so she just gave Tony the $10 difference.

As we start towards Tony’s destination, he starts saying that he just moved here recently from NY and that today was his birthday.  At this point, Maria and I start to sing Happy Birthday to him.  OK, not really, but we did wish him a happy birthday.  He goes on to say that he was heading to this store so he could by a new green bong as a birthday present to himself.  He then realizes what he said and what it implied and admits that he does smoke pot (no really??).  The conversation then transitions to how hard it is to find good pot in the area. He is saying that probably the best people to ask would be the younger kids, but since he is in his later 20’s, if he does that, they all think he is a cop.  He is also reluctant to asking someone older because, like I said he is new to the area and not sure who he can trust.  Wow, what a dilemma.  Maria and I are not really sure what we can do to help so we change the conversation.

Tony goes on to say that he does miss the night life in NY and that there really was no good clubs the area.  I asked him if he tried Visions at the casino or some of the other places in Bethlehem.  He then mentions that he is gay and that he cant find any good gay clubs around here.  OK, well then I am not going to be any help and not just because I am straight, but because at my age, the only time I am deciding on a club is when I am debating between a 7-iron or an 8-iron. The only reason I know about Visions is because I have dropped people off there before.

At this point we reach Tony’s stop.  I drop him off and head to Allentown to drop Maria off.  I could go on, but Maria has her own story to tell so you will have to tune in later to here the rest of this Uber Side Story.

Photos by Suzanne Drake Photography