One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Uber

I had brought this up before in Uberity where when I started, I always thought the people I picked up would be someone who needed a ride because they knew they were going to be drinking and didn’t want to drive.  Or the people that needed a ride home, because they drank too much. Or even the 3rd type, people needing a ride back to their car because they were too drunk to drive the night before.  And there have been times where I did get these types of rides.

Like on St. Patrick’s day, when I picked up these 2 guys that had just been bar hopping in Bethlehem and needed a ride to their next stop.  Or the guy in Allentown, who had to leave the bar because it was closing.  He lived close, but it was raining and didn’t want to walk home.  Problem was, he didn’t know it was raining when they were kicking him out. He had ordered a drink and had planned on walking home with it.  Well since it was pouring out, he figured he would call for an Uber.  I pick the guy up and he wants to get in the car with his drink.  At this point, I am still pretty much a rookie driver and was not sure what to do.  Do I let him get in and drive with an open “container” in the car, or make him finish it or pour it out before he gets in.

Well, at the risk of admitting that I was unlawful by letting him get in the car or the risk of seeming like a prude by making him pour it out I will refrain from answering. Let’s just say, we reach a compromise and the gentlemen got home safely and was nice enough to give me 5 stars.  He even give me a little tip.  I miss that guy 🙂

Over the last few weeks now, I have come across a few different reasons why people request an Uber.  Like last week when I was in NJ on my way home from work.  I turn the app on and get a ride pretty quick.  I reach the pickup location (a gas station) and it is a man and a women – either husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend – or just EXTREMELY comfortable with each other since she had her head in his lap for most of the ride.  As I get ready to pull away, I see that they are headed to Allentown, which is only a few minutes past my house in PA and about a 40 mile trip.  I say “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what brought you out to NJ that you needed and Uber to get home”.  Well the man tells me that their car was impounded and the needed a ride.  Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have asked.

At this point though, I am really curious as to what happened, but was afraid to ask any more questions.  We get to Allentown and I drop them off, at which point I wish them luck with their car.  The man tells me, “Oh don’t worry, we ARE getting the car back tonight” and gets out of the car.  Now this made me even more curious as to what happened, but I guess we/I will never know.

Really is no moral to this whole story just found it interesting, but maybe consider it more like a PSA. As a wise man once said, “Don’t drink and drive, don’t even putt”. And just make sure if you do have your One Bourbon and One Scotch, get your One Uber to make sure you get home safe.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day


Photography by Suzanne Drake Photography

 PS – No dogs where harmed in this photo, nor did they actually drink any Vodka


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