Nobody Puts Uber in the Corner

Today we are going to talk about the proper behavior when it comes to using Uber. Now, I realize that although I think I am S.A.D (Super Awesome Driver), there could be things that I might do while driving that might rub people the wrong way. There are also things that I have seen from riders, that I would like to share so that you do not upset your driver when you decide to use Uber. So, with that said, I would like you all to join along with me and recite the Uber Pledges. You will need to pull out your cell phone, open the Uber App, raise you right hand, place you left hand on your phone and repeat after me – I will start with the Rider pledge:

I, “insert fake name here”, do solemnly swear to when taking an Uber, I will abide by these rules.

  1. I will be ready for when the driver arrives, not making him/her wait any longer than what is necessary. And if you are running late, contact the driver to let them know. Don’t make them guess if you are coming out or not.
  2. I will not cancel my ready when driver is almost there. You know roughly how far away the driver is when choose for the ride. Don’t make the driver come all the way to get you, just to have you cancel on them right before they are about to arrive.
  3. Give your driver a good rating when deserved. There is no reason not to. It only takes a few seconds and the driver will be very appreciative. Along with that, if you give a bad rating, leave a comment as to what the issues is. Otherwise, I are we, as driver supposed to learn.
  4. Do not make a mess in the car. If you bring in say a drink or a snack, that’s fine. Just make sure you leave with the can/bottle and wrapper when you leave. The Uber car is not a trash can.
  5. And Finally and maybe most important, DO NOT throw up in the Uber driver’s car. Sure, a lot of the people who use Uber are those that did drink too much and can’t drive home, which is fine. In fact, it’s great that you are that responsible and know that you are not in a condition to drive. If you do find yourself in the back of an Uber, or hell, anyone’s car for that matter, and you feel like you are going to get sick – SAY SOMETHING. I am sure the driver would rather pull over so you can get sick outside the car then have you vomit all over the back seat.

Now, time for the Drivers Pledge:

I, S.A.D – Kevin, do solemnly swear to when driving for Uber I will abide by these rules.

  1. I will not start the trip until you are in the car. Granted I would only make some extra change by doing it, it is still polite to just wait until the rider is exactly in the car.
  2. I will not try to kiss your ass just to get a better rating. If you would like to make conversation, then I am more the willing to talk, but I will not force the conversation, just to see if you will give me a 5 star rating.
  3. I will not flirt with the passengers. First of all, if I did, my wife would probably kill me, but secondly it is just plain creepy.
  4. I will make it a point to dress reasonably well. Now, I might not wear a spiffy tie like our friend in the photo, but I promise not to go out wearing gym shorts and some beat up old t-shirt.
  5. I will do my best to make sure that my car is clean and odor friendly. Meaning, I will not bring smelly foods into my car and if by some chance, if I feel the need to “toot”, I will not do so in the car.

So, if both the Uber Rider and Driver can stick to these 5 rules, no one will have to Put Uber in the Corner.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.  Remember though, if you do drink too much this weekend, Uber is only a click away.  And if you are new to Uber, your first ride is on me – just use this code:  kevind21432ue


Photography by Suzanne Drake



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